Rhode Island's 50 Wealthiest & Influential People - 2015

Check out the 2015 edition of GoLocal's 50 most wealthy and influential people.

This list is not of simply those with the greatest wealth. Or those with political muster - this list are those exclusive few who have the combination of both.

Represented are many of the public business leaders of Rhode Island - and some are more private - but all get their phone calls returned.

To see the formula, please review the second article in the series about the methodology.

Influence, Wealth and Power

This list has a substantially different composition than the 2013 inaugural ranking.  Thirty-five percent are new to the ranking.

As was true two years ago, the group is dominated by white men.  In this edition, there is one African-American man. The biggest demographic change is that three of the top ten spots are held by women.

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